The Gianni Ferrari website is continuously improving.
Finally starting from today even those who don’t know exactly our sector as well as those who have always mistakenly associated the only idea of the lawnmower, with or without collection, to our brand will be able to enter our world by specifically detailing our offering starting directly from their needs.
As a matter of fact, in the top of the homepage of website now appears a menu related to our FIVE fields of application: Gardening, Cleaning, Agriculture, Winter and Construction.
All this to allow anyone to discover with pleasure the reason why Gianni Ferrari is the best ally for any kind of job.
Gianni Ferrari multifunction professional lawnmowers guarantees excellent cleaning results in public parks and green areas, where it is frequent to find paper, dry leaves, cans and other dirt also in places such as large squares, parking lots, camping areas, athletic tracks, synthetic surfaces and cycle paths.
At the same time, thanks to the exceptional interchangeability of each frontal attachment, we are able to manage with excellent performance even difficult works such on fallow land and uncultivated rural areas as well as in every medium-small farm to optimize different activities with a single machine shortening as much as possible times.
A very large number of equipment is the plus of our company because we always wanted to combine the quality of our machines to their perfect use in every season of the year also to effectively amortize their costs.
In the end, the careful studies, the continuous innovations and the 9 registered patents by Gianni Ferrari underline more and more why every garden maintainer, every municipality, every landscaper or farm owner and every follower should contact us with the great curiosity to test our products even in case of problems always considered difficult to carry out.
For this reason, in our official video we add «Tell us your need, WE will ALWAYS find the solution»